2015 FTA Annual Meeting

This app provides updated schedule information on the program, presentations & audio podcasts.

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2015 FTA Annual Meeting

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This App provides the most recently updated version of the conference program. During the dates of the conference, the app will give the user two options: 1) Display Todays session only, or 2) Display the entire program. Users may update the program (or change the dsiplay options) by selecting "Return to Main Menu" and loading program again, or clicking on the reload button. The app will also display the presentations, when available. Swipe finger on program to scroll through the program.


Session Name - room name

Presentation Title
[presentation] [papers]

Links [will appear when documents are available - return to Main Menu an select program to update]:

-Tap on [presentation] to display a pdf version of the presentation.
-Tap on [papers] to display any available papers.

Tips for off-line viewing

Saving PDFs: Tap on [presentation] - when it has loaded, tap on "Open PDF" on the upper right to open presentation in an new window. Tap on screen until you see the option on "Open in iBooks". This will save the presentation to your iBook library for off-line viewing.

Send any comments or suggestions to Ronald Alt at ron.alt@me.com.

Removing App from Home Page:

  1. Tap and hold finger on program icon.
  2. Icon will begin shaking.
  3. Select the "x" at the corner of the icon to delete.
  4. Press the Home button to end edit session.

2015 FTA Annual Meeting

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